Connecting You Instantly To A
Network Of Friendly, Motivated Agents.

Reveali exists because of one lazy, unmotivated real estate agent.

We wanted to see a house he’d listed. We called him. Texted him. Left a voice message. And emailed him. That was in November, 2018. We’re still waiting.

All of which led us to ask, “Why should anyone have to wait on a single agent for help?” If you can hail a car within minutes, we reasoned, there should be an easy way to hail nearby agents. So we created a platform to do just that.

Then we established strict standards for the professionals we allow in our network — along with a user-driven agent rating system. The good news is, that’s a lot of agents! All nearby, available, and ready to help you — usually within minutes.

So whether you’re buying, selling or renting, whenever you use Reveali, there’s no cost. No obligation. And no lazy agents.

About Reveali

Whether you are interested in touring a house, selling your home, or are ready to buy, you shouldn’t have to wait days or even hours to get on an agent’s schedule. With Reveali, you will connect with a nearby, available agent that is ready to serve you now with the push of a button. Our user-driven agent rating system ensures that only the best real estate agents are available for you.

Our company is a made up of amazing people striving to solve real estate’s biggest problem, immediate access.

We’re building a culture at Reveali of people from all walks of life but with one common denominator, the love of real estate. By creating a platform to better serve our customers, we go home at the end of the day knowing we served a purpose — helping you see the home of your dreams.